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If you have made an error in making your donation or change your mind about contributing to Amparo Model's we will honor your request for a refund made within 7 days of your Donation date. Otherwise, it will be nonrefundable. To request a refund, email us at (please use "Refund Request" in the subject line).


Introducing brands we've partnered with on projects. We appreciate our brand collaborations as we've been able to bring projects to life with our services. Our partners have exclusive privileges and hold a space on our partner's page as recognition for some of our most successful campaigns. From interviews, fashion shows, and exciting campaigns. To be considered a member please request our advertisement kit to learn more.

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Yatir Clothing is a clothing brand for plus size women, based in Los Angeles California. Yatir's mission is to inspire and connect with the everyday woman. The woman out in the world making moves, unapologetically leaving her mark, and striving to rise above expectations in every area of her life. That Yatir woman is already amazing, Our clothing is just a tool to help her outwardly express that.

Natural Hair Meet entails collaborations between various different photographers and models to bring about new creative initiatives and specifically tailored themes. As well as handled organizations and scheduling for meets. We create digital advertisements and communicated through various social media platforms to continuously grow our participant count. 

Pop Culture Positive was founded in 2018, with the intent to provide a bold, interactive publication for women focused on replacing the ideal body image with self-love and acceptance.

Through events and partnerships with contributing writers, influencers, brands and non-profit organizations, PopPos hopes to build a network of powerful resources for women who want to be supported in their journey to self-love and expression. 

Threads of Hope offers closet organization and decluttering services, and second-hand clothing sales to raise funds for charities. Owner Erin O’Connor helps women clear the chaos and clutter from their closets and minds, all while helping humanity; 20% of proceeds go to charity, and the charity rotates every month!

Boston Curvy Weekend, Founded By Sandra Augustin in the Greater Boston Area. Boston Curvy Weekend gives individuals with curves the opportunity to embrace their truest selves on the runway! Partnering with local companies and celebrating different shapes, sizes, and cultures Boston Curvy Weekend has given the ultimate curvy experience to The Greater Boston Areas.

Non-Profit Partners 

Our Non-Profit partners include organizations within the Boston Areas. Please see below the organizations we partner with. Non-Profit organizations receive 5-10% of proceeds made at annual events. 

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 The Women’s Foundation of Boston is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that creates, funds, and accelerates programs that equip Boston women and girls to be financially independent, successful, and valued leaders in their communities. We aspire to be the central vehicle for investing in women and girls in the Greater Boston area, and to build a thriving network of female leaders in the nonprofit and business communities.


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