Alicia Veronica

Alicia Veronica has shown versatility and strengths as a model in the Boston, MA area. She has a look that can kill. Alicia Veronica has worked along side brands such as Givon, Solar Magazine, and more.

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Christa Johnson

Christa is killing her portfolio! Located in NH, She is versatile and can do almost anything from punk to glam! Runway goddess has it going on. So much creativity and an official queen of being in front of the camera.


Kristen F

Kristen F. has shown dedication and move of the craft. Highlighting model Kristen, she is continuously building up her platform and making sure she is turning heads all over social media! 


Mely Wu

Mely has been building her portfolio non stop and has caught the attention of many bookers in the first month of signing! She's glam and soft, has a look to kill for. She is a beauty.


Also seen Ein Haus am Meer (min 4-5)

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