Black Model Magic

Quick! Grab any fashion magazine and attentively fan the pages. Do you predominantly see caucasian models?

You probably answered ‘yes’.

Although the fashion industry has come far in racial diversity, there’s still a long way to go. There lacks wide representation of all types, not to mention intersection of diversity. As Veronica Brown, founder of Amparo Models, transparently stated, “The world of modeling is harsh. Diversity is used for advantage…”1. An advantage to sell more.

Yes, New York Fashion Week Spring 2021’s show took the grandstand of being the most diverse yet with 57.1% models of color. However, there’s speculation that this may be a temporary settlement to the world’s growing consciousness of social injustice2. Representation is necessary; however, that can easily be confused with ‘tokenism’. Some companies boastfully hire one person from each minority group to represent the entire racial group3, as if that were the main solution for diversification. The lack of diversity in the modeling and fashion industry is utterly toxic and encourages racism, discrimation, and unrealistic expectations.

Diversity should be the priority. ‘The necessity’ as Brown stated, “ALL BRANDS NEED DIVERSITY.” And not only need it, I would argue to celebrate diversity. In the spirit of celebrating diversity, take a look at these powerful, admirable, stunning Black Amparo models. Not only are they representative of what common models look like, but they radiate talent and strength. As we uplift and support these models, don’t forget to continue to fight for social justice and advocate for diversity in our evolving modeling industry.

From left to right.

1. Suzett A. - @amadoss_

2. Audessey. - @audylovesyou

3. Tatyana A.- @tatyanajalisa

4. Ellie D. - @ellie_sosouto

5. Sheena P. - @mspostell

6. Darryl.- @darrylmsfts

7. N’Dea W. - @ndeawalker

8. Alicia - @helloleecy

9. Shelly D. - @shellycioous

10. Alima - @itsalimadarling





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