House of Amparo Models has been providing opportunities for talented individuals for all walks of life since 2019. A talent modeling agency based in the New England Area dedicated to promoting inclusive and diverse talents. The Amparo Brand helps identify each talented individuals goals and strategies for the most effective outcome in their division.

Our Mission is to provide a community of inclusive individuals opportunities. We manage and provide Monthly goals and tactics to deliver the best content for their portfolios.

Our Goal is to strive for excellence, lead on inspiration and captivate the attention of our peers and competitors to demonstrate how running a model agency should be.


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Veronica Brown is a digital entrepreneur who has built her brands from the soil up. Planting seeds on her personal journey, she has built a strong body inclusive community by showcasing an arrange of life style on her socials. She carries a BA in Fashion Merchandising Management and has participated in many runway events, fashion shows, and more.

Her background work includes participation in fashion show production, modeling and content creation. 

Veronica has partnered with many brands such Dia & Co, Nora Ross, Many Ethnicities, CLN & DRTY, Evolution 18, 7Eleven, YONA NYC, WMNSWR, SheShaper and Rebdolls, just to name a few. 

If you'd like to learn more about Veronica email:

Meilin Chong

House Writer

Meilin Chong has an eclectic pool of passions, which are not limited to fashion and modeling. Meilin is a bilingual kindergarten teacher by day, an entrepreneur on the side, and  a writer by night. She carries a BA in Counseling Psychology and Early Childhood Education, and a M.S.Ed in International Education Development.


Meilin enjoys learning about and embracing sustainable, ethical fashion as well as going on photoshoots with some incredible Boston photographers. She also loves to cook, coding and research, and traveling to experience diverse cultures and food.