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Straight Size Model. Shanika has done many runway shows, carnival shows, and is prime for Fitness Modeling! She is always on the go and always trying to make the next move possible! Cheers to success! 

Straight Size Division

Shanika Clarke


Straight Size Model. Ameyna has accomplished commercial modeling. She has done well in connecting and networking with other Atlanta,GA creatives and it making her presences known.

Straight Size Division

Ameyna Jackson


Straight Size Model. Christa has done many runway Shows, commercial shoots and is prime for local & big designers! She is creative and amazing in editorial. She looks forward to coaching others in the future! *hint hint*

Straight Size Division

Christa Johnson


Straight Size Model. Abi is an Singer first!She is super creative and loves to being the spotlight. She has done many runway shows and is perfect for projects alike All Saints, LACE, and more.

Straight Size Division

Abigail Kim


International Plus Size Model. Rae has done Commercial/Print, Runway, and has been published in magazines such as Cosmopolitan She is an extremely hustler and works full time as a Plus Size Model. We are excited to have her on board and help push her growth to the next level! 

Plus Size Division

Rae Williams 

Singer & Songwriter first, campaigning and commerce;/print second!She has done many runway shows and is always building her portfolio. Yelena is a star at creating her own table of talent! Check out @nhmeets for more on her brand and curls galore!  

Plus Size Division

Yelena Rodriguez


Plus Size Model. Tatyana has done print and runway! She has been featured in Plus Model Magazine. Although she always on the go and signed with other agencies! She always shows her hard work and dedication no matter the place! Instagram-able lifestyle and Model content online is her jam! 

Plus Size Division

Tatyana Amaya

IMG_4606 3.jpg

 Plus Size Model.  Maria has done Commercial/Print, Runway, has worked with Wear this Love! She is new to the agency and is always looking forward to bookings! 

Plus Size Division

Maria Claude