A Springfield, MA native and a Bay State graduate with a passion for marketing and fashion, I am a Digital Marketing Manager & Social Media Manager who is experienced in brand development, account management, and has a strong dedication to cultivating strong client relationships through campaigns involving diverse industries. I have 6 years of experience in digital marketing and am also the founder of House of Amparo, where I provide opportunities for talented and diverse individuals. I am determined, reliable, value good energy and strive to empower and inspire many others like myself.

Veronica Brown

Veronica's Experience

StyleMuse: Social Media Community Manager 2021-2022

Cultivate strong relationships with and nurture the health and well-being of the StyleMuse community.

●  Cultivate strong relationships with, as well as nurture the health and well-being of StyleMuse creator community of 200+ influencers.

●  Set our go-to-market strategy for shopping, reaching over 4,000 new followers in less than 4 months, reaching 20-60K accounts weekly, and 150K+ engagement scores.

●  Manage $100K in distribution budgets monthly, collect invoices, approval/denial of invoices, and bookkeeping.

●  Establish, generate and record traffic to StyleMuse website by consistently posting and utilizing Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube and more.

●  Creating a framework to evaluate problems, present a recommendation for how to proceed within our consumer base & creator community.

●  Predict and Forecast Industry trends, predict consumer trends, retail trends and outside trends that may impact the market of StyleMuse.

●  Study consumer reports and create surveys to interview the StyleMuse community, customers, and stakeholders.●  Setting 3-6 Month strategic direction and executing operational and go-to-market plans that require input and execution for multiple teams.

Social Media Manager:  2018 - 2022

Worked alongside 35+ brands/influencers to improve brand image and brand awareness.

●  Help strategize Digital channels with budgets up to $10K at a time for multiple brands, not limited to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Blogs, emails & more.

●  Embody digital marketing excellence, by evaluating KPI’s ensuring the highest possible brand and consumer experiences & outcomes.

●  Report performance of all digital marketing campaigns and assesses against goals (ROI and KPIs).

●  Negotiating pricing and fees on behalf of brand/influencer community collaborations, while ensuring the

continuation and enhancements of services. (40-50%+)

●  Forecast & conduct various market researches to build consumer profiles and identify channels and strategies used and needed to reach ideal targets and achieve our business objectives.

●  Work closely with the sales team to understand the sales process and successfully implement lead scoring and lead distribution processes.

●  Directed best practices for email campaigns and landing pages, including A/B Testing and on-page SEO.

Retail Store Manager 2016-2020

●  Prepared daily work schedules for and assigned tasks to 30+ employees, scheduled deliveries, and enforced

company policy.

●  Accomplishes financial objectives by forecasting requirements, preparing an annual budget, scheduling

expenditures, analyzing variances, and initiating corrective action.

●  Tracked, analyzed and forecasted sales and customer trends in order to maximize sales and revenue while

minimizing expenses.

●  Grew sales by 43% through implementing strategy by evaluating team goals, teammates and best schedule


●  Managed retail staff recruitment and onboarding leading to a 15% decrease in wait time for new employee


●  Exceeded sales targets by 30% in Q4 2018.

●  Reported to store management and district for sales and goals meetings.

●  Interview, hiring, etc for best team efforts during the holiday season.

●  Establishes strategic goals by gathering pertinent business, financial, service, and operations


●  Defines objectives, identifies and evaluates trends and options, chooses a course of action, an

evaluates outcomes.

●  Accomplishes staff results by communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, and appraising

job results

●  Maintains quality service by enforcing quality and customer service standards, analyzing and resolving

quality and customer service problems, and recommending system improvements.

Skill Sets: 

Digital Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Recruitment Marketing, Talent Employer Branding for Recruitment, Campaign Management, Social Media Management, Shopify, E-commerce, Fashion Merchandising, Website Design/Building, Asana, Slack, Most Email Softwares, Content Creation, Market research, Acquisition Communications Manager.

Degrees & Certifications:

BA in Business of Scienece Management  & Certification of Product Management. 


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